17" Wood Bowl



A big thank you to Daphne Oz who featured this bowl showcasing one of her delicious salads. This is one of Daphne Oz's two massive salad bowls. (The larger 20" is currently sold out).  

The most popular of our carved wooden bowls, the 17" bowl is beautiful in its simplicity. Carved form a simple piece of Amazonian hardwood, each bowl is one-of-a-kind, refined by hundreds of careful chisel strokes.

  • 17" D
  • Hand-carved
  • Maintain with food safe oil
  • Made in Peru

Who made this product? In the heart of the Amazon in Peru, indigenous Yanesha artisans work with PaTS to sustainably harvest from managed forests that have long been their home. Hiking into the forest, the craftsman select 4 trees from an acre of land.

Why is it ethical? The skilled artisans of PaTS, based in the Yanesha community of Peru, produce a line of handcrafted wooden bowls for the Sobremesa collection using wood sourced sustainably from managed forests in the Amazon. This means that wood supplied comes from forests evaluated for compliance with local laws, respect for indigenous peoples, and the safety and rights of forest workers.

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