Multi Rim Tumbler



The hand blown multi rim tumbler provides a lively and sustainable way for you to drink your beverages. Made by artisans in Guatemala, each one is a feat of true craftsmanship. 

  • 3" D x 5.5" H, 12 oz.
  • Hand blown
  • Made from recycled glass
  • Made in Guatemala

Who made this product? The cooperative, COPAVIC, formed in 1976 when seventeen artisans came together and reopened a former glass factory in Cantel, Guatemala.

Why is it ethical? These artisans crush and then melt down broken discarded glass and hand blow the molten fragments into fresh recycled pieces. Not only does COPAVIC protect and renew their environment with recycled glass, they revitalized their community with living wages, insurance, and skills that continue to serve artisans beyond COPAVIC’s kiln-lined walls.

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