Small Roly Poly Decanter with Glass Topper


gde006_gl; GSS004

Re-purposed glass now inspires in this elegant new shape designed to accompany your most lavish spreads.

  • 5" D x 6.75" H, 25 oz.
  • Hand blown
  • Made in Guatemala

Who made this product? Currently partnered with Sobremesa, artisans in Cantel, Guatemala came together in 1976 to form the cooperative, COPAVIC. Since their inception, they've crafted recycled glass pieces in a formerly closed factory.

Why is it ethical? Glass is reclaimed and recycled from fragments and shards, melted down and hand-blown into new forms. The mission of COPAVIC serves the local community through their support of worker rights and wages, not to mention their re-purposing of discarded glass.

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